Syrian Uprising

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The Peculiar Case of the Turkmens in Syria

Despite playing a groundbreaking role in the Syrian civil war, Turkmens get scant media coverage and they are often represented solely through the lens of the Turkish media. Continue reading


Houses without Doors: A Journey of a Hundred Years

What is the difference between a feature film and a documentary? A feature has a cast of actors playing roles in a scripted story; a documentary has a sketchy story line and presents research about issues in the lives of real people. One might say that Avo Kaprealian’s film “Houses without Doors” is a bit of both. His earlier short films also belong to the same pattern of not fitting into a classic genre, while also pulling archival footage into his work. Continue reading

Armenians Fleeing Anew as Syria Erupts in Battle | NYT

Harout Ekmanian was shortly quoted in Alia Malek’s piece about Syrian-Armenians settled in Armenia after March 2011. Continue reading

Analfabetismo e pobreza na capital da indústria síria | O GLOBO

Quoted in the prestigious daily newspaper of Brazil O GLOBO about the situation of Aleppo in the Syrian Uprising. Continue reading

Aleppo in the Syrian Uprising | Near East Quarterly

In March 2011, the wind of change that stormed the Arab world reached Syria. According to many Syrians, Aleppo was expected to be the first to ignite in the wake of the Arab Spring. Nevertheless, the uprising in Syria started in the rural areas, not in the big cities. Aleppo largely remained unmoved until 2012, except for some protests at the Aleppo University and certain impoverished neighborhoods for a few times… Continue reading