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Steve Jobs’ Syria Link | FORWARD MAGAZINE

Damascus based Irish journalist Stephen Starr writes about Steve Jobs in Forward Magazine of Syria in the Oct-Nov issue of 2011 and he quotes Harout Ekmanian.
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Armenians in Syria, From The Land of Resurrection to The Borderless Globe

Article on Syrian Armenians as a part of a broader cover story about Syrian minorities appeared in the December 2009 issue of Forward Magazine, published by Haykal Media in Syria. Continue reading

Globalized Aleppo

In Syria, the rapid spread of advanced communication technologies, the increasing growth of trade, and branches of multinational companies operating across the country are changing the way people organize their functions, and increasingly allowing their lifestyle to be more globalized. Continue reading

Smile back to the gawky stares!

To understand the gawky stares that I am talking about, one should hang around the Aleppo citadel just for an hour, and see the tourists serving as an attention device for local blank stares. It gives an impression that Syrians think of Germans, Russians, or Asians, for example, like they’re extra terrestrials. Continue reading

Are we really proud to be Syrian?

An article on identity, social contrasts and modernism in pre-uprising Syria, originally published in Forward Monthly Magazine of Syria in the May 2009 issue, with an edited version published in Azad-Hye portal. Continue reading