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Houses without Doors: A Journey of a Hundred Years

What is the difference between a feature film and a documentary? A feature has a cast of actors playing roles in a scripted story; a documentary has a sketchy story line and presents research about issues in the lives of real people. One might say that Avo Kaprealian’s film “Houses without Doors” is a bit of both. His earlier short films also belong to the same pattern of not fitting into a classic genre, while also pulling archival footage into his work. Continue reading


‘Art Is Worth Dying for’: Director Fatih Akin, Cast, and Crew Speak on ‘The Cut’

VENICE, Italy (A.W.)—Award-winning director Fatih Akin’s historical epic “The Cut” premiered on Sun., Aug. 31 at the 71st Venice International Film Festival as part of the feature films competition program. Akin, along with the cast and producers, were present at the screening on Sunday afternoon at the Palazzo del Cinema in Lido, Venice, which was … Continue reading

‘Golden Apricot’ Closing Ceremonies Mark a Decade in Film

YEREVAN (A.W.)—Winners of the annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival were announced on Sat., July 13 at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia. The Golden and Silver Apricots awards were given to both amateur and renowned filmmakers from Armenia and throughout the world.

10th ‘Golden Apricot’ Kicks off in Yerevan

The 10th annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival of Yerevan—the Armenian Olympic games of cinema—kicked off on Sun., July 7 at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia. Continue reading

Golden Apricot Film Festival Concludes

Last weekend, the 9thGolden Apricot International Film Festival (GAIFF) wrapped up its weeklong activities that successfully showcased Armenian contributions to cinema while making strides in cultural exchanges. Continue reading

‘Golden Apricot’ Blessed and Launched

The ninth installment of the annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival (GAIFF) kicked off in Yerevan on July 8, providing a rare opportunity for the country’s film critics and movie buffs to sample some of world cinema’s latest offerings. Continue reading

ReAnimania 2010: A Moveable Feast

Animation is a word that probably doesn’t have an exact match in the Armenian language, but the art of animation itself certainly has multitudes of fans and lovers across Armenia. The first Armenian animation film, “The Cat and the Cog” by Lev Atamanov, was produced in 1938. Today, after more than 70 years of artistic legacy, the ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan is reviving an old-rooted animation tradition, and catering to the growing interest towards this art in Armenia. Continue reading

Cinema bridges the gap between Armenia and Turkey at Golden Apricot

“Cinema bridges the gap between Armenia and Turkey at Golden Apricot”
From Yerevan – “Baladna” English language daily newspaper of Syria, July 26, 2010 Continue reading