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Paylan’s Test of Minority Inclusion in Politics

In the past two weeks, brawls erupted in the Turkish parliament several times during the meetings of the commission on constitutional reform related to a legislation on lifting lawmakers’ immunity from prosecution. Continue reading


Ekmanian: Global Resistance Continues 101 Years after Genocide

Ekmanian’s Opening Remarks at Genocide Commemoration Program in Berlin. For the second year in a row, the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin organized a program of events dedicated to the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide anniversary. Continue reading

The Peculiar Case of the Turkmens in Syria

Despite playing a groundbreaking role in the Syrian civil war, Turkmens get scant media coverage and they are often represented solely through the lens of the Turkish media. Continue reading

Houses without Doors: A Journey of a Hundred Years

What is the difference between a feature film and a documentary? A feature has a cast of actors playing roles in a scripted story; a documentary has a sketchy story line and presents research about issues in the lives of real people. One might say that Avo Kaprealian’s film “Houses without Doors” is a bit of both. His earlier short films also belong to the same pattern of not fitting into a classic genre, while also pulling archival footage into his work. Continue reading